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SM70 Pro Power Amp


Compare the SM70 MK2 to the SM70 Pro

Frequency Response:SM70 Pro Top
20Hz to 30KHz 0.25 dB
THD: under 0.05%

S/N Ratio: better than 90 dB stereo mode better than 100 dB Balanced mono mode

Power Output:
Stereo Mode:
8 Ohm Load: 25 Watts rms x 2
4 Ohm Load: 40 Watts rms x 2
Mono Mode:
8 Ohm Load: 80 Watts rms
4 Ohm Load: 120 Watts rms

*The SM-70 and SM-70 PRO are the only low cost amps on the market that can be operated in True Balanced Mode when operated as a Mono Block using the XLR Input terminal.

Minimum Load Impedence tolerated:
3 Ohm continuous
2 Ohm intermittent
(Stereo or Mono Mode)

Input Impedence: 75K OhmSM70 Pro Closeup of Inside

Input Sensitivity: 0.7 Volt rms for full output.

1: Double Driver
2: Double Output MOSFETS
3: Higher Power toroid transformer
4: Larger heatsinks and chassis
5: Higher power output: 120 Watts rms on 4 Ohms, 80 watt on 8 Ohm
6: Higher value Filter capacitors: now 60,000 uf (MFD)total!
7: Heavier: 24 lbs
8: Higher price
10: Larger Front Panel

The original SM-70 continues to be available and is ideal for Home Theatre use.


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