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SE160 Hybrid


SE-160 SPECIFICATIONS (Absolute Zero Feedback)SE160 Open Top
(No global, No local Feedback)
Architecture: One Triode gain stage with another Triode used
as current source. 6 pairs of complimentary MOSFETS
in Output Stage.

Tube: one 6DJ8 Military Grade. Can be substituted with 6922 or ECC88. Customer can specify 6N1P if desired.(The sonic characteristics of this amp depends to a large extend on this tube)

Input Sensitivity: 2 Volt RMS for full output.

Output: 160 Watts rms on 8 Ohm load
320 Watts rms on 4 Ohm load
Over 400 Watts on 3 Ohm load

AC Input: 117V or 240V (must be specified when ordering)SE160 Open Top 2

Input Impedance: 100K Ohms

Input Terminal: RCA only (Balanced Input can be provided at higher cost)

Output Terminals: Gold plated all solid brass thumb screw. Fuse protected.

Slew Rate: 80V/usec. minimum.

Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20KHz +/- 0.25 dB at full power.

Construction: All Aluminum chassis with Thermalloy high-efficiency
Heat Dissipating fins.

Power Supply: +/- 60V DC from a 750 Watt toroidal transformer
Exclusive Dual-bridge Low Noise Rectification.Se160 Back

Class of Operation:
a) Front end: Single-ended Class A
b) Output Stage: Class A biased up to 50 Watts,
then Class AB to full output.

Power Consumption: 600 Watts maximum.

Dimension: 12.5” x 5” x 16”, Net weight: 42 lbs
Gross Weight: 50 lbs

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