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PCOCC Speaker Cable



Copper wire is made from casting molten copper into long rods or bars that eventually are drawn through a tiny orifice that creates a copper wire. Copper crystals, generated during rapid cooling in the traditional casting process, act as an impediment to the natural flow of the signal. This is because the random orientation of these copper crystals forms an irregular mosaic pattern that impedes the flow of electrons. What was needed was a single crystal copper casting process.

In 1986 the Ohno Continuous Casting (OCC) process was introduced to the world. Ultra Pure single crystal Copper was developed by professor Ohno of the Chiba Institute of Technology in Japan. OCC is a single, long grain copper structure built by using a heated mold, that solves the rapid cooling process problems. The results are small rods of OCC pure copper, from which the wire can be drawn and we get single copper grains of over 700 feet in length!

PCOCC sounds superior to OFC copper in the same construction cable. It's a LOT more expensive but it's worth the extra expense as we believe we have generated a far superior interconnect using PCOCC materials in the conductors.


Standard length: 10 ft
Made with PCOCC cables.
Terminated with High Current Banana plugs
Dual 14 gauge wires per polarity (effective gauge #12)
Price: $49.- per pair (two 10-ft lengths)
Other lengths custom made to order. Will quote against required lengths.


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