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24/96 Tube DAC, Solid State DAC
and standalone Tube Line Amp

Digital-one RCA co-axial, one Toshilink Opto
SPDIF compliant; 24/96 capable
Analog - one pair RCA Input
Input Impedance: 100K ohm

One pair RCA Tube DAC out, 2.5 Volt rms
Output impedance: 3K
one pair RCA Solid State DAC out, 2.0V rms
Output Impedance: 510 Ohm
one pair RCA Tube Line Amp out, Max Output
27 Vrms, Output Impedance: 300 Ohm

All Outputs can be used at the same time.
The Line Amp is capable of driving headpohnes through an RCA-to-PhoneJack Adaptor($10 from Monarchy)

The Solid State output is recommended for Subwoofer connections, but may be used with any other preamp. The Solid State Output can also be routed through either a coupling transformer or a pair of RCA patch cord into the Tube Line Amp stage. This presents a slightly different sonic perspective than the Tube DAC through the same Line Amp. The front panel Push Button switch provides a very convenient means for selection between these two sources.

Line Amp gain: Nominal 16dB(15-19dB tube dependent)

Power Consumption:
Approx. 50 Watt. (Running this unit 24/7 will drastically reduce tube life and is not recommended). Warm up time: 2-3 minutes.(time- delay Auto switch built-in)

AC Input fuse:
3 Amp.
Dimension: Length 17”; Depth: 12”; Height 4”
Net Weight: 21 lbs; Gross Weight: 27 lbs



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