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DA08 300B Tube Monoblock Power Ampifier

8-Watt Single-ended Pure Class A amplifier

A Preamp and Power Amp combo in the same chassis


  • Permalloy Output Transformer for maximum signal coupling
  • Volume control with High Gain Input stage (250mV sensitivity) No preamp required
  • 6550 high power tube used as Triode for excellent sounds
  • 6SN7 dual gain driver stages
  • 4/8/16 Ohm output impedance selector
  • Awarded 2005 “Best tube Amp” by Hong Kong’s Hi Fi Review$750 each($1500 for the pair)

Introductory special offer: $490 each.($980 for the Pair)
Limited quantities.

New feature:

Monarchy Audio is offering one pair of upgraded DA08-6550 with a higher power transformer. The price is still $490 each.

A standard Russian made Sovtek 6550 is installed. But users can use a KT88, KT90, or even KT120 as substitutes.

With the use of the KT-90, the output will be about 10 Watts.

With the use of the KT-120, the output will be approximately 14 watts. (The KT-120 is actually a very high power output pentode that can yield 120 watts in a Push-pull arrangement. But the tube is configured as a Triode in the DA-08 for Pure Class A output.


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