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SM70 MK2


AudioExpress Review by Gary Galo: Making a decision between these amplifiers is difficult and will come down to personal taste and your specific listening requirements. If you have a true balanced source to feed your power amps and you prefer a tasteful amount of tube-like warmth in your sound, you should strongly consider the SM-70 Pro. But, if your source is unbalanced and your tastes tend to favor ultimate accuracy over what is admittedly a bit of euphonic coloration, the SE-100 MK2 will be your choice. Overall I’d rate the SE-100 MK2 as slightly more transparent, and the SM-70 Pro as slightly warmer. Either amp will provide hours of musically satisfying, nonfatiguing, high-end sound, at prices that continue Monarchy’s high-value tradition. If you’d like to help the trade deficit, Monarchy is an American company, with its power amplifiers hand-assembled in its San Francisco, CA facility. These amps are highly recommended.

Read the full article: Monachy SE-100 MK2 & SM-70 Pro Power Amplifiers (PDF)

Ultralinear Review: The Monarchy SM-70 Pro is a fine stereo amp that is both gutsy and refined. If it’s
even better in mono, you may be reading more about it quite soon. Until then, don’t
forget to send C.C. a thank you card. The SM-70 Pro continues his relentless
pursuit of amazing sound for an equally amazing low price. Thank you, C.C.!

Read the full Ultralinear Review on the SM70 Pro (PDF)

Dagogo Review: When you can’t afford King-sized components, go for the Princely-proportioned ones. Physically and sonically the M24 and SM-70 Pro are not “King of the Hill” products, nor did C.C. Poon design them to be. He is not looking to conquer the elite audiophile world, but to bring some quality to the people. Long live Monarchy!

Read the full Dagogo Review on the SM70 Pro (PDF)

Sound Stage Review: I'd have to say that the SM-70 Pro is a balanced-input monoblock amplifier that ranks with the really great ones...

Read the full aM Hardware Review on the SM70 Pro (PDF)

Bound for Sound Review: Qulity mono power for less than two grand, once unheard of, is here in the Monarchy SM-70 Pro.

Read the full Bound for Sound Review on the SM70 Pro (PDF)

Audio Express Review: Monarchy's SM-70 and SE-100 Deluxe amplifiers are refined audiophile products, which should compete favorably with al but the most expensive amplifiers currently available. At Monarchy's factory-direct prices, these amps are a real bargain.

Read the full Audio Express Review on the SM70 Pro (PDF)

Audio Express Review II:The SM-70 Pro offers the best sonic performance when fed from a fully balanced sources, such as Monarchy's Model 22B or Model 333 D/A converters. As before, the amplifier take on an extra measure of transparancy in the fully balanced mono mode. sonically the Sm-70 Pro Amplifiers offer extemely high value, and will comptete favorabley with many of the megabuchks amps currently on the market.

Read the full Audio Express Review on the SM70 Pro (PDF)

aM Hardware Review: I found the SM-70 Pros to be impressive performers and an exceptional value. the Maggies. The baby ‘blocks would not be out of place next to a speaker single ended, medium-power, fully-balanced, solid state monoblocks are concerned, are in a class of their own. Recommended.

Read the full aM Hardware Review on the SM70 Pro (PDF)

Affordable Audio Review: Monarchy Audio has a real winner on their hands with the SM 70
PRO, so if you get a chance to listen to this amplifier, be prepared for a memorable experience. In today’s
audio world, amplifiers that sound as good as these do, are supposed to cost a lot more than
what Monarchy is charging.

Read the full Affordable Audio Review on the SM70 Pro (PDF)

Review by panhead at Audio Asylum: This amp is built like a tank. I have borrowed Krells and this is built like a mini-Krell although I honestly think it sounds sweeter and more musical.

Read the full Panhead Audio Asylum Review on the SM70 Pro (PDF)

audioMusings Review of the SM70: Read the entire article on the SM70 Pro (PDF)


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