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SE250 Hybrid


Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity: "The Monarchy SE-250 hybrid monoblocks represent outstanding value. Their enviably neutral presentation, by no means a given when it comes to amplification, is both musical and satisfying. With careful attention to choice of tube, the Monarchys provide a wonderful taste of the real thing." Read the Product Review PDF

Affordable Audio: The Monarchy SE-250 " more than enough detail to keep most of us mere mortals, and efven most audiophils, pretty content. Read the entire Affordable Audio SE-250 Review PDF

SonicFlare Reviews the Gemme Audio Tanto Loudspeakers and Monarchy Audio SE-250 Mono Block Amplifiers: "The SE-250's have a single tube at the input stage of each mono block. The tube euphoria you would expect, and Monarchy seems to lead on about, is very subtle. I believe it adds a bit of ambience but very little. The bass control, something you would think the tube hampers, is very good. These amps really drive the music. They are tight yet tuneful. They are very transparent and only enhance the experience by really just giving the listener more all around." Read the entire SonicFlare Review PDF

Jack Robert's dagogo Review: "The Monarchy SE-250 hybrid monoblock amplifiers are great amps when you need power. I find them quite attractive and well made. I think they are quite a bargain. If you were to try to buy tube amps with this kind of power, you have to spend mega dollars. The transistor amps I have heard for this price with this kind of power just don't have the bloom and life that I want in an amp. You can get a good bit of this also in some transistor amps, but it'll cost you a lot more for this kind of power." Read the entire dagogo Review PDF

Affordable Audio Review II: "...this is for the audiophile that is ready to settle down for the long haul. Considering what Mr. Poon actually sells these units for, they are a downright exceptional value. Read the entire Affordable Audio Review PDF


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