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SE160 Hybrid


Sound Stage Review: "I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Monarchy Audio S E - 160 hybrid amplifiers, finding them to be immensely sweet and surprisingly dynamic, offering the treble shimmer and glow that SET fans crave, yet with the kind of big-league dynamics that could easily fill a medium-sized room. I used the unit’s stock 6DJ8 tubes, but tube rolling should allow owners to change the character of the amps...From a price standpoint, the SE-160s should be considered must-listen amps for those who are looking for the transparency of tubes and the wallop that 160 watts can deliver." Read the entire Sound Stage Review (PDF)

Home Audio Equipment Measurements: "The Monarchy Audio SE-160 is an interesting attempt to duplicate some of the
characteristics of a single-ended (SE) tube amplifier in a hybrid solid-state design." Read the entire test results (PDF)


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