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SE100 MK2


Bound for Sound Review by MGD: "In my eyes, the monarchy SE-100 delux mono power amplifiers are notable, not for some grund breaking new discovery, but for their superb use and application of well understood but still notable amplifier technologies." Read the entire article (PDF)

AudioExpress Review by Gary Galo: Making a decision between these amplifiers is difficult and will come down to personal taste and your specific listening requirements. If you have a true balanced source to feed your power amps and you prefer a tasteful amount of tube-like warmth in your sound, you should strongly consider the SM-70 Pro. But, if your source is unbalanced and your tastes tend to favor ultimate accuracy over what is admittedly a bit of euphonic coloration, the SE-100 MK2 will be your choice. Overall I’d rate the SE-100 MK2 as slightly more transparent, and the SM-70 Pro as slightly warmer. Either amp will provide hours of musically satisfying, nonfatiguing, high-end sound, at prices that continue Monarchy’s high-value tradition. If you’d like to help the trade deficit, Monarchy is an American company, with its power amplifiers hand-assembled in its San Francisco, CA facility. These amps are highly recommended.

Read the full article: Monachy SE-100 MK2 & SM-70 Pro Power Amplifiers (PDF)


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