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Bound for Sound Review: "I'll cut to the chase: the Monarchy NM24 is the finest-sounding digital component I've ever had in my system, and one of the the finest I've ever hear anywhere, in any sysm at any price. Add a tube line stae that's well worth the entire cost of the unit, and you have what has to be one of the more insane audio bargains of all time." Read the review (PDF)

Affordable Audio Review: "The Monarchy NM 24 is clearly a worthy successor to the M 24. Mr. Poon has applied innovate solutions to everyday audio issues. The unit uses a tried and true circuit design and high quality parts. There are a few state-of the-art components in the NM 24, such as the D to A converter chip set. In reality, the NM 24 owes its high-end performance to the gradual refinement of a well-designed audio circuit. Monarchy has many years of experience in developing innovative digital gear, and the lessons they have learned have been applied to this piece. Audio enthusiasts who have limited budgets need to be aware of the abilities of the NM 24. This unit is a high-end DAC and a fine tube pre-amp. To the best of my knowledge, this component is unique in the audio world due to its multiple configuration design. . Even though the NM 24 is resides at a price point that is considered mid-tier, in reality it is a highend piece of electronics. Combine the NM 24 with a high quality amplifier such as the SM 70 PRO, and you can create a system that will run circles around some very expensive gear." Read entire Affordable Audio article (PDF)

Audio Express Review: "The Monarchy M24 is an exceptional sounding D/A converter, and one of the most musicl peices of audio equipment I've had the pleasure of audiotioning." Read the entire Audio Express Review (PDF)

Audio Express Transformer Upgrade: DIY upgrade for solid state DAC. Read entire article (PDF)

BFS Review: "This unit, to me, epitomizes a new breed of audio electronics that handily exceed the musical expectations of the past. I would not hesitate to purchase the unit for its digital section alone runnit its line out section to another preamp or integrated..." Read entire article (PDF)


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