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DA08 300b Pre-Amp/Power Amp Combo



DA08Stereo Times Review on DA08SE:

Dignity Audio DA08SE 300B Monoblock Amplifier
($800 per amplifier)
"I found these engaging 8-watt, 300B amplifiers to be extremely musical, delivering quick, clear, shimmering highs and surprisingly robust lows. Monarchy Audio’s C.C. Poon claims the Permalloy output transformers provide much more power at the frequency extremes than the typical, lower-grade transformers commonly used in competing amplifiers. The Dignity monoblocks were exceedingly seductive in my system without sounding artificially colored or overtly glamorous."

Read the entire Stereo Times Review on the DA08SE (PDF)DA08 Side

TONEAudio Review: "Definitely a wintter. They offer a tremendous amount of performance for the money and for many people may be just far enough down this path to live with for a long time. Highly recommended.

Read the entire TONEAudio Review on the DA08SE (PDF)

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DA08 tubes

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