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AC Regenerator


Affordable Audio AC Regenerator Review: "If you are looking to take your system to the next level of sonic performance, then consider the quality of AC you are providing your stereo with. You may be pleasantly surprised at what improvements can be coaxed out of your current equipment."

Read the entire Affordable Audio AC Regenerator Review (PDF)

Dignity Audio AC Regnenerator Review:
"This excellent AC power regenerator made a profound difference in the performance of my digital front-end gear. With the resulting isolated and purified AC my system sounds more pellucid, sweet, and coherent. The bass definition and articulation improved noticeably. Limited to 100 watts power draw (total) but can dramatically refine the sound of most systems.ous."

Read the entire Stereo Times Review on the AC Regenerator (PDF)

Bound for Sound Audio Report on the AC Regenerator: "The Music really is in the AC."

Read the entire BFS Audio Report on the AC Regenerator (PDF)


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