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SE250 Hybrid


Tips on Using Monarchy Audio Amplifiers

  • Never short output terminals. It might cause the output MOSFETS to blow and this is NOT covered by the warranty.
  • Do NOT turn the amp off and on in quick sequence. It takes a few minutes for the remnant voltage inside the amp to discharge.
  • Rule of Thump:
    • Turn the amp ON last.
    • Turn the amp OFF first. This avoids the on/off thumps from the preceding stage.
  • If possible, use an AC noise filter and/or Surge Suppressor at the AC input. All Monarchy Audio amps have very wide bandwidth and noise could pass into the amp and superimposed on the audio signal.
  • Make sure there is no DC component from the preamp’s output. Some models of the Monarchy Amps are DC coupled and DC could be amplified into the speakers, causing the coils to overheat.


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