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SE160 Hybrid


Tips on Using Monarchy Audio Amplifiers

  • Never short output terminals. It might cause the output MOSFETS to blow and this is NOT covered by the warranty.
  • Do NOT turn the amp off and on in quick sequence. It takes a few minutes for the remnant voltage inside the amp to discharge.
  • Rule of Thump:
    • Turn the amp ON last.
    • Turn the amp OFF first. This avoids the on/off thumps from the preceding stage.
  • If possible, use an AC noise filter and/or Surge Suppressor at the AC input. All Monarchy Audio amps have very wide bandwidth and noise could pass into the amp and superimposed on the audio signal.
  • Make sure there is no DC component from the preamp’s output. Some models of the Monarchy Amps are DC coupled and DC could be amplified into the speakers, causing the coils to overheat.

SE160 Instructions

  • Please see On/Off operation per separate page.
  • This version has a 12.6V tube installed(12AT7). We strongly recommend against pulling the tube out to try something else.
    Please put off any attempt to substitute tubes until several months later. Let the amp mellow out and enjoy the music in the mean time. Only the direct equivalent of 12AT7, such as ECC82, should be used.
  • There is an output protection relay. The relay cuts out the “thump” at turn on, then settles to connect the output to the speaker.
    But as the tube warms up, aberrations may cause the relay to cut out again. This is a normal function of the protection circuit. The amp needs at least a 15 minute warm up to sound normal.
  • Because tubes age quickly in constant use, we strongly recommend turning the amp OFF while not in use. This saves energy too.
  • Good Ventilation is important.


Note: The modification below requires using potentially dangerous voltages. In making the modification you agree to assume liability for any damage or injury resulting from exposing yourself, others, or pets to this high voltage hazard. If you do not feel that you possess the skills, knowledge, or common sense necessary to safely make the modification, then DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MAKE THE MODIFICATION.

The text below describes the modification and the desired results. This PDF will provide you with step-by-step instructions and has detailed photos for more clarity.

Several have noticed that power cycling the amps can lead to large cone excursions. Below is an effective and simple solution that doesn’t require taking the PCB out:


1) solder a 22k ohm resistor across the leads of a 4700 uF cap(16V or 35V electrolytic, available at Radioshack etc.)
2) Connect this 4700 uF caps POSITIVE  lead to right leg (right, as viewed from the front of the amp) of the 12V zener ("12V") (other side than the transistors are on) and connect the NEGATIVE lead to the ground leg of the LED ("LED", leg towards the rear).

See pink arrows in the picture below.


Adding a 4700 uF cap across C23 (330uF, 16V) gives:

30 sec delay from POWER ON to connecting speaker, 9 sec from POWER OFF until disengages speaker. Adding a 22kOhm resistor (1/8W or higher) across these caps for rapid cap discharge to get: 36 sec delay from POWER ON to connecting speaker, 2.5 sec from POWER OFF until disengages speaker.

Do not use smaller R than 22k as it may never reach the 12.5V to disengage the relay.

Larger than 22k will reduce the benefit of speedy discharge.

This R ensures that when amp is turned off and back on there won’t appear any serious DC at the speakers. This way no serious cone movement is ever seen, except a slight one ~1 sec at turn off or during rapid power cycling.

Justus V Verhagen

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