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DIP Upsampler


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DIP Upsampler Application

1: This Upsampler converts the standard sampling frequency (44.1 KHz) to either 48 or 96 Khz. It also converts 96 KHz DVD audio signal to 48Khz, so as to use your conventional DAC's with the newer DVD audio recordings. The output: *48 KHz (factory default setting) can be used with almost all D/A Converters. But due to the many types of converters we cannot guarantee any success. *96 KHz can only be used with 24/96 or 24/192 converters. 2: To change the factory setting for 96 KHz operation, remove the cover and locate two small metal boxes along the edge of the circuit board. Pull the plastic Jumper in between the boxes and reinstall it on 96 as marked on the board. Now the DIP Upsampler will output 96Khz. Your conventional DAC (44.1 KHz) will no longer function with this signal.

3: Your CD/DVD transport may be outputting various signal formats(regular CD, DVD audio etc.). If a new signal is fed into the Upsampler, sometimes it might be necessary to unplug, wait for 4 or 5 seconds, and then plug back the AC input.

4: When the digital data is received at the Upsampler, a LOCK light indicates that the signal has been captured. The data is decoded, and then re-assembled on a new sampling frequency determined by the jumper setting(either 48 or 96 KHz).

5: The Upsampler does the following major functions: Sample Conversion (to 48 or 96 Khz) Signal Conditioning(jitter reduction) Signal Boosting(to 10 times higher) Ground Isolation(from Input to Output) Format Conversion(Opto to RCA, RCA to XLR etc.) 6: The Upsampler is primarily designed for 2-channel stereo to enhance the performance of regular CD's. While it may work with DTS or Dolby Digital or other surround sound signals , we offer no assurance on the results.

7: The new Word length at the Output is now 24 bits. If 16 bit data (standard CD) is fed at the Input, there would be 8 bit of blank data within the Word. Conventional (44.1 or 48 Khz) D/A Converter would not recognize these 8 bits anyway.

8: We recommend using a short co-axial cable to link your transport to the Upsampler. By virtue of the much stronger output , the Upsampler will drive 75 Ohm cables up to 100 ft, although for best signal integrity we recommend that the cable be no longer than a few feet. MONARCHY's DR-1 or DR-2 digital cable is highly recommended for the ultimate in sound quality, due to the use of a solid core Teflon. MONARCHY also offers an all purpose AV-1 cable , at a give-away price. Contact the factory at email: for special low price.

9: Due to the complementary jitter attenuation characteristics, if you own an earlier Generation of the DIP (model name DIP 2496) , we highly recommend using the DIP 2496 in tandem with the DIP Upsampler for optimal performance. This is a Daisy chain connection as follows:

CD player ->DIP 24/96 -> DIP Upsampler -> 96K DAC -> Preamp -> Power Amp


DIP Hook-Up Configurations

DIP Hook-Up Configurations


DIP Upsampler Settings

DIP Users please note

If you are using the XLR output of this generation of the DIP Upsampler or Classic, identified by a small Lion Head logo on the front panel, please be advised that the pin out configuration is different from the standard format.

You would have to use our custom high performance XLR cable The DAB-1, to match this output to a standard Balanced In on your DAC.

Otherwise please consult the factory by email:


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