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DIP Classic


  1. This DIP Classic is the best performing DIP for playing conventional CD's. It also accepts 24/96 DVD digital audio and outputs signal that is compatible with most conventional or new generation D/A converters, with decoding capability from 16 to 24 bits, and outputs a precision 44.1KHz clock for all conventional DAC's.
  2. Connect as follows: DVD or CD Transport->DIP Classic ->D/A converter (any version)
  3. Use the Selector Switch to select either Opto or Co-axial (RCA) input.
  4. Your DVD transport may output various signal formats (CD, DVD, etc) If a new signal is fed into the DIP, sometimes it might be necessary to unplug and plug back the AC input to the DIP box. This resets the entire operation.
  5. The digital signals are decoded and processed, and any jitter is suppressed through the DIP. Its four major functions are: a) Signal Conditioning(precision clock output) b) Signal Boosting c) Signal Isolation(from In to Output) d) Format Change(from Opto to RCA, from RCA to Balanced, etc). 5: The DIP Classic makes most D/A converter compatible with most DVD players. It outputs a fixed sampling rate of 44.1KHz which is more precise than the clock from the transport.
  6. The DIP Classic offers two outputs: XLR and RCA. But only one should be used at a time.
  7. We recommend using a very short co-axial cable linking your transport to the DIP. By virtue of the much stronger signal output, the DIP will drive 75 Ohm cables up to 100 ft., although for best signal integrity we recommend that the cable be no longer than a few feet, and the MONARCHY DR-1 or DR-2 digital cable is highly recommended for the ultimate in sound quality, due to the use of a solid core Teflon. MONARCHY AUDIO also offers a very cost effective AV-1 cable, at a give-away Price(Please see separate offer)
  8. If your transport has an Opto output only, we strongly recommend you connect the DIP to this source, but use the 75 Ohm RCA or the Balanced format to re-transmit the signal to your D/A converter. If your D/A accepts Balanced Input, use Monarchy's DAB-1 XLR Cable to feed the signal to the DAC. This is preferred over RCA.
  9. The ground terminals of the DIP's output is totally isolated from the ground terminal of the DIP chassis. This output signal is coupled through a triple-shielded transformer (a Faraday shield, a ferrite shield and a stainless steel shield) for maximum isolation. Most hum and ground noise is thus isolated.

DIP Hook-Up Configurations

DIP Hook-Up Configurations

DIP Users please note:

If you are using the XLR output of this generation of the DIP Upsampler or Classic, identified by a small Lion Head logo on the front panel, please be advised that the pin out configuration is different from the standard format.

You would have to use our custom high performance XLR cable The DAB-1, to match this output to a standard Balanced In on your DAC.

Otherwise please consult the factory by email:


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