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DA08 300B Tube Monoblock Power Ampifier



Please remove the packing inside the chassis before operation.

Please check to make sure the tubes are secure in their sockets.

The GOLD 300B has two bigger pins which must be inserted near the small Red Label near the socket.

The speaker impedance selector should be set at the same impedance as the speaker itself.

Only high efficiency speakers(above 90 db) should be used.

There is no need to use any preamp as the DA08 has very good gain for direct connection to a
CD/DVD player or any Tape/Tuner source.

There is no need to keep the amps on full time as tube life would drastically shortened. The amps should be in optimal operation just 5-10 minutes after turn-on.

If hum is ever experienced, please try to use a Cheater Plug(that converts 3-pin AC to 2-pin) to avoid ground loop.

Bi-Amp Hook-up

Bi-Amp Hook-up

Tube Installation

Tube Installation

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