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AC Regenerator


  1. Please inspect the entire unit for any shipping  damage before plugging the unit into the wall.
  2. Please ensure the rear output IEC socket is set  to 117 Volt for operation in North America.  This can switched to 240V if desired.
  3. Unless otherwise specified, the Input AC is  117 Volt. A wall outlet without any filter  should be used .(This unit has excellent  filtering characteristics.)
  4. The unit resets to 110 Volt 50Hz every time  the ON/OFF switch is switched on. The LED indicator light shows V for Voltage;  F for Frequency.
  5. Select V and then push up to select 110-120volt  in 1 volt steps(or 2 volt steps in 240V operation)
  6. Push to select F for frequency.  Then push to increase frequency from 50, 60,  120 to 400Hz.
  7. Most equipment would operate well at 120 Hz.  Some equipment might produce a pitch tone at  400Hz. In which case, reduce the frequency to   120Hz or less.
  8. Do not allow the unit to run equipment totaling  more than 100 Watts.
  9. The internal fan will kick in if the unit is  running close to 100 Watts output. Allow good  ventilation. Do not put other equipment on top.

110v  -  220/240v Conversion for AC Regenerator

NB:  *Only the Input Transformer requires re-wiring.

         (The Output transformer offers 110/220v selection on the IEC socket  In Rear Panel)

  •  Input Transformer is the large toroid transformer near the Front Panel.
  • Loosen Mounting Bolt and identify original wiring:  For 110v Input,  the two Red wires and the two Black wires are soldered together.
  • Cut the two INTERNAL Black/Red wires and splice them together.
  • Wrap well with Electrical Tape.

Block Diagram

AC Regen block diagram

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