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NM24 DAC/Preamp

NM24 DAC/Preamp/Headphone
Amp Tube and Solid State

DIP Combo

DIP Combo

DIP Combo

DIP Classic

DIP Classic

DIP Classic

DIP Upsampler

DIP Up Sampler

DIP Upsampler

AC Regenerator

AC Regenerator

AC Regenerator

M50 Double Isolation
AC Filter
M50 M50 Double Isolation
AC Filter

AC Power Cord

AC Cord

AC Power Cord

Passive Volume with Gain Transformer
(Special Order)

Passive Gain

Passive Volume with Gain Transformer


DAB Balanced Cable
DAB-1 Balanced Cable

RCA Locking Shell
RCA Locking Shell

15 Amp AC Power Cord $9

15 Amp AC Power Cord $9

Teflon Silver Coated Wire
Solid Teflon and
Silver Coated Wire

DR-2 Teflon Interconnect
DR-2 Teflon Interconnect

NM24 Tube DAC + Line Amp

Winner of the Golden Ear Award 2015 from The Absolute Sound magazine and The Editor's Choice Award, March 2016.

A World Class Performance

Golden Ear Abs Sound NM24

NM24 DAC/Preamp

Newly Added Warehouse Liquidation Items

Note: Due to our increased volume of products to be liquidated, we are now simply providing a link to the specific product.

Namiki Inter-connect
Two Pairs of Dahlquist: DQ-10 (one pair is original, and the other highly modified)
Celestion 3 Bookshelf speakers
Pair of Williamson Mono Block Tube Amps
Monarchy Audio Model 9 Preamp
Carver THX AV705x Power Amp (5-Channel)


Hafler Model DH-220

Hafler Model DH-220

  • Measured 120 Watt per channel into 8 Ohm (rated 100 Watts 8 ohm)
  • Upgraded by Monarchy Audio with WIMA foil caps at the signal input, and Polypropylene 3.3u Caps at the power supply
  • Upgraded with silver coated Teflon wiring at the Input signal path.
  • Thoroughly checked and fully burnt in
  • Cosmetics in good condition(no scratches or dents)


Carver A-753x

  • Certified by Lucasfilm, Ltd. for use in home THX audio systems
  • Maqnified Current technology for increasing voltage and current capability
  • Total Direct Couplinq for high damping factor at all frequencies
  • Each channel protected by: individual fusing, excess temperature sense, DC fault sense, power-on delay, shorted load sense.
  • Minimal signal path design, with on card I/O connectors eliminating internal interconnect cables
  • Three analog lighted meters with range selection switch
  • Individual calibrated level trim controls for each channel

BW 801

B&W 801's (Pair)

B&W 801's (Pair)

  • Brand new mid range for back up (original unit working great)
  • Brand new tweeter replacement diaphragm for back up (original teeter working great)
  • New woofer installed (original is defective, but will be included for future replacement after repair)
  • Sound Anchor special Stand designed for this particular model (dramatically enhances bass.)
  • Entire crossover board upgraded by Monarchy Audio with high quality
    film caps(for much quicker transient response)
  • Original manual and Frequency Response curve for this pair included

Sound Lab Sound Lab Speaker

Sound Lab A-1 Electro Static Speaker

Sound Lab A-1 Electro Static Speaker

  • Description: Full-range, transformer-coupled, electrostatic loudspeaker.
  • Frequency range: 28Hz to beyond 20kHz. Nominal impedance: 8 ohms.
  • Sensitivity: equivalent to 88dB/1W/1m at 4m. Minimum amplifier power: 100W.
  • Maximum music power: 450W. Bias power-supply input: 117/220 VAC, 50/60Hz.
  • Dimensions: 81.24" H by 35.5" W by 10.5" D (panel), 25" D (base).
  • Weight: 185 lbs each.

Bruce Moore Preamp

Bruce Moore Preamp

Tube Preamp Built by Bruce Moore

Special Features:
Point to point wiring by Bruce Moore (of MFA, Audible Illusion fame). Upgraded with 100% Pure Silver wiring(18 gauge) in all signal paths. Upgraded with super size Industrial Gde power transformer. Upgraded with Kimber Cable 8TC Telfon wires from Power Supply to Main unit. All aluminum case for non-magnetic. ALPS audiophile grade volume control. All 6 tubes individually shielded

See more images, specifications, and details of the Bruce Moore Preamp

Heathkit AA2500 Power Amp  100 Watts Per Channel    Specifications:  Power output: 100 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo) Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz Total harmonic distortion: 0.06% Damping factor: 125 Input sensitivity: 1V Signal to noise ratio: 98dB Dimensions: 443 x 135 x 386mm Weight: 12.3kg   Downloads: service manual   instruction/owners manual   - Titimultipass    Special features:  a) Upgraded by Monarchy Audio with Teflon Silver wiring in both Input and Output b) Audiophile grade Filter capacitors c) Individual Left and Right power supplies d) Original carton e) Slightly used for demo's, but otherwise like new

Heathkit AA2500 Power Amp

Heathkit AA2500 Power Amp 100 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo) Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz, Total harmonic distortion: 0.06%, Damping factor: 125, Input sensitivity: 1V Signal to noise ratio: 98dB, Dimensions: 443 x 135 x 386mm, Weight: 12.3kg

Special features:
Upgraded by Monarchy Audio with Teflon Silver wiring in both Input and Output, Audiophile grade Filter capacitors, Individual Left and Right power supplie

Original carton, Slightly used for demo's, but otherwise like new. Only 2 available.

See more images, specifications, and details of the Heathkit AA2500 Power Amp


Luxman A3550

In the 80's Monarchy Audio was the USA kit distributor for Luxman Japan. This model (Luxman A3550) was offered as a kit at a lower price than finished Luxman products. Luxman built a few finished kits for demo/display. The A3550 offered here is such a "factory assembled kit." Monarchy Audio subsequently upgraded these "demo/display amps" with German WIMA and other film caps, bias regulation, and Teflon silver wiring for enhanced performance. A pair of 4-Ohm outputs were also retrofitted to match other  4-ohms speakers (original 8-ohm outputs retained).

Read and see more images of the Luxman A3550 Power Amplifier

DIP Combo used to improve playback quality of Oppo 105
Read the entire article...

Monarchy Audio Impresses Taiwanese Audiophiles

The original Chinese PDF reviews below can be translated to English:Monarchy Audio/ 家訪 - 雅瑟Compass CP-777 MK2 與 Monarchy Audio SE-100 MK2的搭配 | Monarchy Audio/ 再進化!AC Regenerator加入 | Monarchy Audio/ 家訪 - Dynaudio S5.4 與 Monarchy Audio SM-70 Pro的搭配 | Monarchy Audio/ 令人驚訝!SM-70 Pro 與 AC-Regenerator 的搭配 | Monarchy Audio廣受好評的M18 DAC+前級終於上市了!M18的評價很 | Monarchy Audio/ 使用者評論

The all new M50 Double Isolation AC Filter. For all of the information here is the manual/brochure of the M50.

The New NM24 Tube DAC/Pre-amp/Headphone Amp

Golden Ear Abs Sound

NM24 Honors

The Reborn M18 DAC


  • Balanced (AES/EBU) and RCA digital and Optical inputs
  • Resistor-ladder type Multi-bit D/A converter in dual mono
  • "Straight-Wire" Type (GIC) filter with no phase shift
  • High Current analog output stage with DC servo direct coupling
  • Distortion-Free Passive Volume Control
  • Separate digital and analog transformers
  • Volume Control directly drives Power Amp, eliminating Line Stage and Interconnect
  • High quality construction
  • Smoked Silver Front Panel with 24K Gold Knob
  • Superior Sound Quality
Click on images for larger views
m18 nm24 nm24

SE100 Delux Mark 2 Power Amp

Read what people said about the M18B DAC

Regular price $899, Factory Direct: $499

The New SM70 MK2 and SM70 Pro 2014 Edition
The SM70 Pro 2014 Edition has a face lift! Nickel handles--see the image below. Still the same low price!

Compare the SM70 MK 2 to the SM70 Pro

To show our thanks as we rebuild our site, we are making availabSM70 PROle the critically acclaimed SM70-Pro at it's lowest price ever!

Now is the time to enter the audiophile world!

SM70 Mark 2: $980
SM70 Pro 2014 Edition: $1179

Shipment around the country by UPS ground is $30

Before sending payment please contact us at for confirmation.
Send Payment to our Paypal account: If you are still confused, then here are some detailed instructions on how to order.

Shipment within 3 days upon receipt of payment.

Read the review on the Monarchy SE-100 MK2 & SM-70 Pro Power Amplifiers (PDF)

What the critics are saying....

SM70 Pro“…Sweetly detailed and warmish when used as a single-ended stereo or mono amp, but running fully balanced, the SM-70 Pros exhibit a level of transparency that is simply awe-inspiring. Their clarity and punch are amazing.”
Wes Phillips – SoundStage

“…Maintaining harmonic integrity is essential to preserving the tonal qualities of the instruments and allows them to be reproduced in a manner that more closely resembles their respective natural sonic signatures. In this one area the SM-70 Pro can compete with the very best amplifiers available, tube or solid-state.”
Frank Alles - The Stereo Times

“…Sonically the SM-70 Pro amplifiers offer extremely high value.”
Gary Galo -AudioXpress

“…sets the benchmark for performance in the sub one thousand dollar category.”
John Hoffman - Affordable Audio

“…They have an effortless and authoritative presentation, as well as loads of transparency. ”
M.L. Gneier - The Sound Mind

“…as monoblocks, these amplifiers possesses a lot of authority and add much more impact to the sound.”
“…The SM70 Pro was neutral enough that it revealed the character of whatever preamp I hooked up to it.”

Jeff Dorgay - Tone Audio

“…and showed just how much musical fun you can have for very little cash.”
Dave Clark- Positive Feedback

“…As far as single ended, medium-power, fully-balanced, solid state monoblocks are concerned, the Monarchy SM-70 Pros are in a class of their own. Recommended.”
Victor Chavira - Positive Feedback

“…This is a lot of amp for the money!”
Martin DeWulf – Bound For Sound

“…A single SM-70 makes some lovely sounds. It has an expansive presentation and really lets the music breathe.”
Paul Cervantes- Ultralinear

Luxman LuxKit A3550

Model: Luxman A3550 (2 Amps)

Original Japan version Luxman A3550 tube power amp made during Luxman's "golden years of tube amps."

More Luxman A3550 Info and Images


  • 30 Watt x 2 Triode 6550 output tubes (default wiring)
  • 70 watt x 2 UL wiring (easily implemented) Williamson style


Asking price $2,990

More Luxman Info and Images

DA08 300B Tube Monoblock Power Amplifier

Features of the DA08 300B

  • Permalloy output transformer for highest energy coupling from the tube to the speDA08aker (Permalloy output transformers are also made by some other manufacturers for over US$1,000 a pair!)
  • Z11 silicon steel laminates for both the AC transformer and the filter choke (this is the material other tube manufacturers use for their output transformers)
  • Sophisticated output impedance selector switch (in a 4-8-16 Ohm matrix for best speaker matching)
  • All single-ended operation Mono block for infinite channel separation and devoted power supply per channel
  • A combo Line Amp and Power Amp(Volume control on the front panel)
  • Tubes: 6SN7 Input; 300B output
  • Slim chassis for compact 5-channel side-by-side stack up
  • Power supply optimized for 117V /60Hz operation
    (Contact distributor for 240 V/50Hz units. Voltage not changeable)
  • Output Power : 8 Watts
    Input Sensitivity: 200 mV (There is no need to use any line amp)
    Input Impedance: 100K
  • Weight: 15 lbs

For a very limited time $980 each or $1960 a pair. Once this stock is gone, then the price will go up significantly.

DIY Central

NEW KIT! KT-88 stereo tube amp Model VAA-120

More images, specs, circuit diagrams of the VAA-120

VAA 120

Kit Form: $750
Assembled Amp: $980

More images, specs, circuit diagrams of the VAA-120

Fisher PA301 Power Audio IC

Click on images for larger views

Fisher PA301 Power Audio KitFeatures

  • 30 Watts x2 on 6 Ohm speakers
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Very inexpensive
  • Very clean sound
  • Bridgeable to mono amp with 100 Watt output
  • Flexible power supply rails(+/- 10V to +/- 30V)
  • Direct coupled output for transparent sound


PA301 Power Audio Integrated CircuitsKit Contains

  • 2-IC's for stereo
  • All components on pcb, including fuse holders,output coils, resistors and capacitors
  • Stereo pcb has silver coating on all traces
  • Instructions for simple assembly.


Fisher PA301 Power Audio ICPrice

  • US$30 for a complete stereo kit
  • plus $6.5 domestic shipping within U.S. or $15 shipping worldwide

Custom Made in AmericaMonarchy System

The SM70 Pro (Compare the SM-70 and SM-70 PRO), and the SE-100 MK2 are hand-assembled in San Francisco, CA, like all Monarchy power amps. Years after first being introduced to the public, and while continually being improved upon, they are still getting high-praise/reviews. Read the October 2012, AudioExpress review by Gary Galo: Monarchy SE-100 MK2 & SM-70 Pro Power Amplifiers. These two amps are the only low cost amps on the market that can be operated in True Balanced Mode when operated as a Mono Block using the XLR Input terminal.

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The Monarchy NM24 Weekend Warrior Modding the NM24 DAC!



SM70 MK2

SM70 MK2

SM70 MK2

SM70 MK2 Pro

SM70 Pro MK2

SM70 MK2 Pro

SE100 MK2

SE 100 SE100 MK2

SE100 MK2

SE160 Hybrid

SE160 Hybrid

SE250 Hybrid

SE250 Hybrid

SE250 Hybrid

DA08 300B preamp
8-Watt Power Amp

DA08DA08 300B preamp and
8-Watt Power Amp

DR-1 Teflone All Purpose Wire
DR-1 Teflon All Purpose Wire



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