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M50 Double Isolation AC Filter

User Comments

CC: Just received the M50 and all I can say "wow."

The first thing I did upon receiving my Monarchy M50 was to plug my NM24, DIP Combo, Mac mini, and Sony DVP-9000es into it. I use high-quality AC cords for all of my components, and Monarchy Teflon interconnects. My first impression was one of awe. This one component, the M50, added a quality of audio improvement that was exponential.

I threw every format of digital audio at it that I had available (CD, SACD, HDCD, 24/96 AIFF and FLAC, and even some YouTube audio). The type of music sampled was classical, blues, traditional folk, Cajun, rock-n-roll, jazz, etc. Being a guitar player and having a lifelong love for traditional folk and blues, the first thing I did was sample some Mississippi John Hurt, Elizabeth Cotton, Son House, and John Lee Hooker. Then there was a plethora of Jazz (my favorite being Ben Webster King of the Tenors, some Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, Bach, Mozart, and Peggy Lee.) Some of the recordings were very old recordings with minimal remastering, if any, while others had considerable re-mastering.

There are several physical components the immediately grabbed my attention. First, the thing is built like a tank and comes in at about 39 pounds. The four receptacles are great for supporting the entire front-end of my audio system. It is beautifully designed, extraordinarily crafted, and looks like a piece of art in my listening room.

The first thing that I noticed immediately was that the bass was not as overpowering as it tends to be without the M50, especially when viewing YouTube videos. For all audio mediums the highs were purer and lacked the “tinny” sound often found in older recordings. The mids were equally as pure, the vocals pristine and the bass, as eluded to before, was where it should be and not dominating as it often does. True audio transparency had been attained. Everything is now so pure and pristine. Listening to the acoustic guitarof Son House, I could hear the strings ring as if it was being played right there in front of me. I was also extremely impressed with Ben Webster. I have always been aware of hearing his breathing when he played, but now it is as if he is standing right next to me. All I am waiting for is for him to whisper to me what the next song will be.

Surprisingly, I was somewhat taken aback by the improved sound of older audio of inferior quality when using the M50. Older audio has always sounded very tinny to me, but I found that I could eliminate a lot of this “undesired” sound by simply plugging my system into the M50. The Son House CD sounded exceptionally clean, very surprising given that it is not a remastered recording. The sound was good enough to pass the “he is playing in the room test.” Classical music hit a level of fullness that I have only experienced at live performances. In fact, everything I threw at the system came through with a vast improvement in the audio quality and transparency.

In closing, the M50 should be added to all serious audio systems. It definitely took mine to the next level of audio performance.




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