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Solid Teflon DR-2 Interconnect

User Comments

Thanks for the information CC. Once I get the Martin Logan CLS's installed and see what's happening in my system (they're extremely revealing) I'll have to decide what components to upgrade first.

The DIP is great, but I think your DR2 might be as big a difference in my system. The best sound from the DIP was to use 75ohm co-ax w/RCA rather than the BNC cable I bought from you. The BNC was definitely more detailed and more open, but the RCA sounded better.
More natural and deeper bass extension in my system.

Now, once I established this, I compared your DR2 cable running directly from the DT40A to my Resolution Audio Quantum DAC. Sound was very, very close to that when using the DIP, but better than using Transparent Audio cable. My guess is that: (1) the clock on the
DIP and DT40A are similar (yes?) or (2)that there's less difference between the clocks on the Resolution Quantum and the DT40A than there is between most CD players and DAC's. Lastly,(3) maybe the Transparent 75ohm cable really sucks. I have some Canare 75 ohm
video cale but my runs are really short so I can't really compare.

Anyway, my system sounds better and I'm pleased with the product. Not being one to leave a good thing alone I have three questions:

(1) One reviewer used more than one DIP in a chain and reported better sound. What if I add another? Based on what I've told you do you think this will make for more improvement?

(2) What is the cost for another DR2 cable. You gave me a special one-time price on the first one. How much for another to run from the DIP out to the Dac in?

(3) How much better is the DR1 (sonically speaking, of course)? An\d how much does it cost? Can I trade my DR2 in if I want to buy two DR1's? What do you think?

Thanks again for a great product and great service. Please give June my regards -- she gave great service and is very charming, too. Please give her a big "hello" from me (she'll remember me since we were talking about my new Bowflex exercise machine that she
is also considering).

Best regards,

Jim Vouvakis


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