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Subject: NM24, DIP Upsampler, and Sennheiser 

Dear CC,
It's so good to hear from you, and thanks for watching out for my audio interest. Your NM24, after all these years, continues to amaze.  I might have told you I replaced the original tubes with some very expensive "Holy Grail" tubes: Siemens/Rohre E88CC and CCa's, and I believe I have hit my personal ultimate dac/preamp.   

Your DIP Upsampler is another gem that does wonders to my vintage cd's.  CC: you have built some very extraordinary pieces!!!  I seriously doubt more money can get me better equipment, .at least not what my ears can discern.  Many other people have better ears, but I work with the pair I've got.
I admit I do not listen to earphones a lot: preferring sound that touches my skin.  Although when I do use the earphone, I thoroughly enjoy the sound of my NM24. Currently in my possession I have the top-of-the-line Shure and Sennheiser earplugs, as well as the AKG 7000 series and Grado Lab earphones. Pity though that most of the time they sit in the drawer.

I do appreciate your pointing out to me the Sennhauser 6XX.  I have heard the 650 and it was very nice but I decided on the AKG, which is more aggressive.
Please keep in touch.  When I head West we should plan on getting together, may be at Julio's. I enjoyed the dim sum place you took me to near you.  Next time it's my treat.


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Hey, just wanted to let you know it sounds very nice. It smoothed things out for my network streaming set up, and it made my CD Transport sound even smoother.. the sound just "rolls" off the speakers really nicely..

thanks again for the demo deal,

appreciate it..


Subject: UP SAMPLER DIP 44/92 

Hello it has been a while. I bought a DIP a few years ago and it has changed my system completely.
In a word ADDICTING!! Excuse me for not remembering your name; although we did speak on the phone a couple of times, and cannot locate the file or contact name.

Reason I am emailing is I noticed on Audio gone the entire business is up for sale. I hope all is well with you. Unfortunately I did not buy as much as I would have liked from you the DIP UP SAMPLER is a God sent.

I would have liked to become a dealer for your product line but things never materialized in that direction.
I have studied your on line writing on the above 92 Khz and how it may be irrelevant more may not always be better, and tend to agree. However the artist Crosby Nash is promoting a portable device claiming well above that 92Khz into the 1050 Khz somewhere around that mark using loss less files. The product is called PONO BETA. I would be very much interested in your opinion on that device or if there would be any gain in my system. Although I am not very eager to invest in all new files just for modest gains. I still like ripping CDs into WAVE and then Up sampling using DIP 44/92. Cheaper right now.

On another note I too have had to change my business, and now have a small warehouse that could be used as a central US shipping outlet or other business.   

All the best to you in 2015,

Andy Foxhoven
Burbank, SD

Dear Ching:

jitter is dead, long live the NO-jitter !!!..

simlpy, this system, short my breath...before listening to sound, now I hear music

Thanks, thanks Ching

Kind Regards

Thanks for the information CC. Once I get the Martin Logan CLS's installed and see what's happening in my system (they're extremely revealing) I'll have to decide what components to upgrade first.

The DIP is great, but I think your DR2 might be as big a difference in my system. The best sound from the DIP was to use 75ohm co-ax w/RCA rather than the BNC cable I bought from you. The BNC was definitely more detailed and more open, but the RCA sounded better. More natural and deeper bass extension in my system.

Now, once I established this, I compared your DR2 cable running directly from the DT40A to my Resolution Audio Quantum DAC. Sound was very, very close to that when using the DIP, but better than using Transparent Audio cable. My guess is that: (1) the clock on the DIP and DT40A are similar (yes?) or (2)that there's less difference between the clocks on the Resolution
Quantum and the DT40A than there is between most CD players and DAC's. Lastly,(3) maybe the Transparent 75ohm cable really sucks. I have some Canare 75 ohm video cale but my runs are really short so I can't really compare.

Anyway, my system sounds better and I'm pleased with the product. Not being one to leave a good thing alone I have three questions:

(1) One reviewer used more than one DIP in a chain and reported better sound. What if I add another? Based on what I've told you do you think this will make for more improvement?

(2) What is the cost for another DR2 cable. You gave me a special one-time price on the first one. How much for another to run from the DIP out to the Dac in?

(3) How much better is the DR1 (sonically speaking, of course)? An\d how much does it cost? Can I trade my DR2 in if I want to buy two DR1's? What do you think?

Thanks again for a great product and great service. Please give June my regards -- she gave great service and is very charming, too. Please give her a big "hello" from me (she'll remember me since we were talking about my new Bowflex exercise machine that she is also considering).

Best regards,

Jim Vouvakis

Dear Mr. Poon,

Hello, this is Daniel Rusk from Polytechnic Audio in Sacramento. We just wanted to write a few lines to let you know how much we have been enjoying the new DIP 24/96 processor. After living with the DIP for almost 3 months now the reference system has played hundreds of discs. The result has always been the same...a stellar increase in fidelity and realism. It has been the single best addition ever, even more significant than changing an amp, cables, or any component for that matter.

Immediately one notices a much bigger soundstage with music separated from the speakers. Playing the same music without the DIP in the system, the music seems "pinched", sometimes lifeless and thin. With the DIP installed music flows freely unhindered, beautiful, with unlimited dynamics, warmth and detail. The improvement is truly amazing. Bass improvement is startling; deeper but also with tautness and resolution. Bass pitch is now clearly delineated. Space between instruments and around vocalists is large and filled with ambient detail and information. It is now much easier to hear all the music of the recording at once, pure and lifelike. And too, we really appreciate the new layout and appearance. With all the connections, including the power cord, now at the back, the unit looks very nice and is handsome to display. But what is really cool is that it has an optical input so people can use it with DVD players for home theater or feed it with their optical signal from a DirecTV receiver.

You might remember we tried to purchase a DIP several years ago when they first became available but you were sold-out at the time. I suppose they had all been grabbed-up! I can only kick myself for waiting so long to phone you again and make the purchase. All that time I could have been listening to much better music! Now my advice to everyone is...Before buying another amp, preamp, CD transport, upgrading cables, a DIP first and discover how well your current system is really capable of performing.

Thanks again for this little gem!

Dear CC,

Much deserved accolade have been accorded this Monarch Upsampler by others that I would not here attempt to pile on more. As I have made clear to you, I am just a music listener.?A choosy one if one insists, but I don't profess to know engineering, or talk audiophile lingo.

My current system is made up of Thiel CS 3.7 speakers driven by a vintage ML 333 with 800 watts @ 4 ohms, McIntosh MCD500 SACD/CD Player, Monarchy M24 Hybrid DAC & line amp, Monarchy AC Regen, and an assortment of Tara Lab, Transparent and Monarchy interconnects.?My muscial taste is classical, Irish traditional, and New Age.

With the Monarchy upsampler working in synergistic fashion with the M24, both taking electricity from the AC Regen, my system achieves a sound I am very pleased with. Most notably, I am amazed how much additional activities artists "buried" into their music that are waiting for premium systems to discover, and the upsampler is instrumental in digging out those buried treasures.?Every decent music player is capable of producing the obvious notes in pleasing ways that most people would enjoy and be satisfied with, but most will not be able to appreciate the realism of lungs pushing air to activate vocal cords, fingers plugging and scratching strings, sticks banging on tight skins, walls vibrating long after the notes have come and gone, and all the little "sneaky" notes and sounds the artists embedded into their "main" notes that everyone hears.

Take a drum note for example.?Hitting a drum once does not produce one sound, but a multiple of sounds and noise.?First is the air created by the stick before the drum is hit, then the wacking noise when two objects connect, then the sound from the skin singing, then the body of the drum vibrates which causes everything to vibrate, then the raspy sound when the skin settles back from the oscillation.?In this context, the act of hitting a drum is a very long event.?The Monarch upsampler does not miss a thing out of this event.

Certainly those things I just described would be unimportant to most people, each and everyone music lovers not the least, but to a minority of listeners, myself included, those seemingly reality details are significant for enjoyment and for which handsome sums are sometimes paid.?To put another way, if I do not hear those wind and scratches and wacks and wall moves and the hidden music, I would be disappointed.

It also need to remind everyone that I am also concurrently enjoying the notes with all the air, soundstage, coherancy, sweet treble, tight bass, non-fatiqueness, etc. that have been amply described elsewhere.

The final verdict, in so many words, is that I NEED the Monarchy upsampler for all my redbook CD's.?It is not the most expensive component in my system, but I need it for complete music enjoyment.

Subject: DIP Upsampler/ Apogee Mini-DAC

To fellow audiophiles:

If you have a good DA converter then this little box will really make the best of it. It makes the sound very smooth, all last bits of sharpness disappeared, a very delicate sound with more inner detail, rounder and very relaxed. You can also play louder if you want to. For me it does not sound like cd anymore at all.

This jitter reduction, upsampling and signal conversion from rca to xlr makes a clear difference that you hear from the first second you connect it. From then onwards you will just enjoy. A perfect product for people with seperate converters.

Thank you very much for the DIP Upsampler Ming!

It is such an improvement, just unbelievable.... My wife came up to me to ask what I did, because it sounded "so full and rich" (her words) now... My DAC is a Levinson 36 and my transports are a sonos music player and a Krell 300cd and the combination of Sonos, DIP & Levinso is so good, I am wondering why I should keep the Krell...

I have read about the SE100 monblock amps, do yo think they would be an improvement on my Krell KAV 250a?
Best regards

Mats Beem

From UK

Dear Dr CC Poon

I hope this finds you well.

I have received and successfully installed the upsampling DIP. What can I say but the highest of praise. The DIP has done a marvellous job in my system. Widened the sound stage, removed the harshness, seems that sound has become butter smooth. All this with a pair of cheap monster coaxial 75 ohm cables ($20 each). I can't imaging the results when I upgrade the cables.

I'm currently running at 48 khz. My setup is as follows:

Source: Denon SACD DCD1500AE (about USD 800)
DACPRE: Monarchy M24 with Mullard Amperex 6DJ8 1976 tubes
Monoblocks: Manley 100W (I recently biased output tubes 6550C at 350mv and replaced one of the input tubes)
Speakers: Harbeth SHL5
AC: all sources fed using an isolation transformer

The system is performing exceptionally well at 48 khz. Most of the buzzing/humming/whistling has all but disappeared with NOS 6DJ8 tubes. There is a ground loop somewhere, but the DIP provided a great deal of isolation


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