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DIP Classic

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I bought the DIP Classic to use between my Sonos Connect and Amplifier with built in DAC; it has exceeded my expectations, adding a wider and more natural soundstage, giving the sound a much more organic and analogue feel. I can thoroughly recommend it for cleaning up what can be a muddled sound when using the Sonos as a source component.

Mark (UK)

Subject: "Problem" solved...

Hello Mr. Poon,

A few days back I sent you an e-mail praising a SM70 PRO I purchased from eBay. I also added the unit buzzed a bit.

Yesterday I fed it from a Balanced Mains Unit. This stopped the buzz completely.

The UK mains voltage in my house is a high 246/247 volts. The Manufacturer of the BMU wound the transformer in such a way that the voltage on its output was a more benign 230 volts. Whether the drop in voltage helped, or the blocking of DC helped, or just the operation of balanced mode helped, I know not. The end result is silence. And what a great bit of kit your amp is.

Now, pre-amps: do passives work, or do you not like them? (I'm thinking minimalism!)

Very best wishes.

Keir Watkin.

Hello Ching,

Just to let you know DIP's straight out of the box first impressions.Plugged and played after one hour break-in.The overall improvements in sound took my breath away. Literally.

Due to the large amount of positive feebacks for DIP, I thought I was ready for this.I was wrong. The change in soundstage depth is simply awsome, voices seem to come out from nowhere.And the increased air, lots of air, among instruments really makes the musical message shine in each and every subtle nuance.I don't know how much break-in time is mandatory for DIP's best performance, anyway, as far as I'm concerned, I feel myself in heaven just after a few hours of use.

My cd player is Musical Fidelity A1 CD Pro used as transport paired with Audio Research DAC 2. Not quite a budget player and a well renowned converter. Well, DIP has raised the bar though. And it did it significantly and magnificently. For shure one of the best buy in all my audiophile life.

Congratulations Mr. Poon!

Yours Sincerely,
Roberto Vecchi

I have a DIP Classic in my system feeding into a Scott Nixon (non over sampeling) TubeDac, and love the combination! The TubeDac without the Classic does not compare, it makes a big improvement in almost every aspect.

Reciently, I read an article where a person replaced the stock clock in his Classic with a Tent Labs after market clock. I know that you have spent a lot of time in both research and listening to get the DIP Classic to sound as good as it does, but how can it be improved?
Hypothetically, if you could make any changes in components (resistors, caps, clock etc) what would you change? I know this is a tough question, as a manufacturer, to answer. However I do value your knowledge and work with this product.

I guess I am curious about taking things up a "notch", and feel that you would know more about this than anyone....

Thank you for making such a fine product, and also for any suggestions or opinions that you could offer.
Kevin Erickson

Dear friend:

Thank you. Just recently Monarchy Audio products were added up to my "escape machines".

Pairing MA "Classic" with my Meridian DAC was a definite improvement. Also in my system #2 the MA "Upsampler 48/96" did its considerable magic. Monarchy Audio is here to stay! No going back!

Appreciate your sending of the equipment-related graphs.

Again thank you very much. Best regards.
Jose Miguel Benitez


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