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DAB-1 Balanced Cable

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Subject: Re: XLR  cable shipped

Mr. Poon,

The DAB-1a Balanced cable arrived today.

You have some excellent products.

I have a very revealing system:  Audio Note Dac 3.1, Audio Note M3 Preamp, Audio Note P4 Balanced mono block amps, Audio Note E/SPe speakers, all connected with NBS King/Serpent IV interconnects and power cables.  The improvement towards a more analogue music reproduction with the Monarchy DIP Classic and DAB-1a on the front end is more than subtle.

Thank you for contributing my music enjoyment.


Hi C.C.,

Having been listening to your DAB-1 Balanced cable now for about three weeks I must say they are a pleasure to have in my system. I am using them between the CD player and preamplifier as I already had a pair of balanced cables from preamplifier to amplifier. At your list price they are nothing short of a "steal". The Neutrik XLR connectors at both ends are great and the are cables easy to maneuver around the back of my audio rack as they bend so easily.




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