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DA08 300B Tube Monoblock Power Ampifier

User Comments

The note below, I sent to my friend who wanted to know how the Dignity amps sound.

"Today I got those Dignity 300B monoblocks hooked up to the new Silverlines in place of the NuForce. Since the Dignity amps have their own 6SN7 tube preamp stage built in, I ran the output from my solid-state preamp straight into those amps, so the comparison would be more even. I did not run it through my tube line stage.

Well the one thing I first noticed is that the little tube 8-watter's are noisy. Not so much through the speakers, but the mechanical chassis hum seems higher than it should be. I can hear them at my listening seat, but when the music begins playing it's hard to notice it. I think it's one area that Dignity should address a bit better.

That said, the sound quality is first rate -- extremely natural, sweet and detailed. The little tubers do the bass pretty well too. They're not quite as articulate as the NuForce, but the bass is deep, natural sounding and resonably tight. I didn't really think they'd sound this good and I'm surprised they can play the speakers as loud as they did without overloading (they're rated at 91dB/W).

The speakers are nominally rated at 8-ohms, but I found that if I use the amp's 4-ohm setting, the bass definition and articulation improved considerably. Heck I tried to torture those little amps and I succeeded, throwing on bass monster recordings from Fionna Apple and Bela Fleck's "Flight of the Cosmic Hippo." You'd never believe the bass power I had coming out of the slim Silverlines !"

That's my first impression...

Best regards,

Frank Alles


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