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Hi CC. Just received the AC Regen, and here are my impressions. I could make it simple and just say "wow," but it has really made a profound impact on my system.

The first thing I did upon receiving my Monarchy Audio AC-regen was to plug both my NM24 and Sony DVP-9000es into the Monarchy Audio AC Regen. I use high-quality AC cords for both the NM24 and Sony, and Monarchy Teflon interconnects. My first impression was one of awe. This one component, the AC Regenerator, added a quality of audio improvement that was exponential in comparison to all previous system additions. I feel that now I have in my possession a system that went far beyond being a high-end consumer audio system to becoming an audio reference system.

I threw every format of digital audio at it that I had available (CD, SACD, HDCD, 24/96 AIFF and FLAC, and even some YouTube audio). The type of music sampled was classical, blues, traditional folk, Cajun, rock-n-roll, jazz, etc. Being a guitar player and having a lifelong love for traditional folk and blues, the first thing I did was sample some Mississippi John Hurt, Elizabeth Cotton, Son House, and John Lee Hooker. Then there was a plethora of Jazz (my favorite being Ben Webster King of the Tenors, some Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, Bach, Mozart, and Peggy Lee.) Some of the recordings were very old recordings with minimal remastering, if any, while others had considerable re-mastering.

The first thing that I noticed immediately was that the bass was not as overpowering as it tends to be without the AC Regen, especially when viewing YouTube videos. For all audio mediums the highs were purer and lacked the “tinny” sound often found in older recordings. The mids were equally as pure, the vocals pristine and the bass, and eluded to before, was where it should be and not dominating as it often does. True audio transparency had been attained. What I really enjoyed was playing with the frequencies available on the MA AC Regenerator. The lower frequency seemed to produce somewhat of a mushy sound relative to the 120 frequency. The 400-frequency level was a bit too sharp for me, but the 120 was, in conclusion, audio nirvana. Everything is now so pure and pristine. Listening to acoustic guitar I could hear the strings ring as if it was being played right there. I was extremely impressed with Ben Webster. I have always been aware of hearing his breathing when he played, but now it is as if he is standing right next to me. All I am waiting for is for him to whisper to me what the next song will be.

Surprisingly, I was somewhat taken aback by the improved sound of older audio of inferior quality when using the AC Regen. Older audio has always sounded very tinny to me, but when I started going through the frequencies I found that I could eliminate a lot of this “undesired” sound. The best frequencies for the older audio seemed to be the two lower frequencies. The Son House CD sounded exceptionally clean, very surprising given that it is not a remastered recording. The sound was good enough to pass the “he is playing in the room test.” Classical music hit a level of fullness that I have only experienced at live performances. In fact, everything I threw at the system came through with a vast improvement in the audio quality and transparency.

In closing, the AC Regen should be added to all serious audio systems. It definitely took mine to the next level of audio performance.


Hello C.C.Poon,

Thank you very much for the AC Regenerator. It has transformed my humble system. Listening last night, I could not believe how natural and dynamic the Black Keys' "Brothers" album sounded. I had not played this CD in a long time because of its use of compression and distortion, which would tire me very quickly. It actually sounded dynamic--the drums sounded particularly real, and the bass had the impact and drive I had not experienced before at home. I'm listening to Bill Evans as I type this, and the sound is as close to live as I have ever heard. Now I'm beginning to wonder if your DIP Combo would bring further musical improvement. I have been using DIP Classic since 2010. Could I get a deal on a DIP Combo? 



Sent: Friday, October 31, 2014 1:04 PM
Subject: AC Regen here

Subject: Ac-Regenerator
From: "Douglas M. Robertson"

I'm really impressed with the AC Regenerator of yours. But just like your DIP Combo its benefits are a bit too subtle for my old ears to distinguish. My oscilloscope, however, demonstrates what an amazing job the Regenerator is doing! Without the unit the signal looks "angry" with little frustrated bursts of noise happening every few seconds. With the Regenerator it looks like a perfect sine-wave - smooth, constant and calm.

It's not very fun to swap the Regenerator in and out, so I only did it twice. I have my NM24 and DIP Combo plugged into it. But it really felt like the frequency extension of my system smoothed-out; like the three drivers of each speaker blended together better, more harmoniously. I'd also say it added to my system's ability to disappear - there's very little "stereo-system" to listen to, there's just music in the air.

Thanks for everything, Ching!

Subject: RE: AC-Regen

Mr. Poon,
Received the regenerator last night and have had a chance to listen to the system for a bit. I have had some restful time to listen to the impact of the regenerator. Contrary to what you indicated, the effect is very transforming to say the least. Apparently the power in our residential area is contaminated enough that cleaner power to the front end audio components has much impact. I was able to find an excellent small square converter from two to four AC outlets, so that the NM-24 and DIP Combo, my PS Audio Lambda transport and my EAR 834P phono-only preamp can attach directly to the regenerator without another cable and outlet strip. With all services working, the fan does come on, but the unit does not appear to overheat and cut off. I set the unit to 120 cycles and 117volts as recommended. It resets to 60 cycles when power is shut off and the unit is restarted. (Better than the 50cycles stated in your instructions.) The improvement in resolution, depth of image, and elimination of low level noise is very, substantial, both on digital and via the EAR 834P phono stage. Much of the high frequency excesses I have heard in my system for years has been reduced or eliminated. Not sure about the very low bass however, might even be slightly less than before, but overall, much better balanced and a true delight to listen to for hours.

You have another winner on your hands for sure.

Your equipment is the best value I have ever seen in the audio field. Your
firm is a treasure to the audiophiles with limited budget who appreciate thefinest sound.

Thank you.
Joel Bennett

Postscript , Aug 2:

Very much appreciate working with you and your outstanding equipment.
Based upon the success of the regenerator on the digital equipment, please let me know if you develop a solution for cleaning up the AC to the mono-block amps.

Stands to reason that a proper cleanup device or regenerator would improve the sound some more, if such a device did not limit the high current peak demand. The later has always been a problem with such devices on amps. Your amps, having wide bandwidth must be susceptible to this kind of stuff and maybe there is some more improvement in overall quality to be gained by a proper solution. Right now I am using a Power Wedge to filter the amps, but not regenerate AC. I think things improved overall when I moved all the digital components from the Power Wedge to your regenerator. Always looking for the last squeeze of the grapes as they say.
One of my colleagues said my system is so analytical he “could hear a flea pass wind in the orchestra”. We are having him psychoanalyzed.

Thanks again and warmest regards,

Joel Bennett

Subject: AC Regenerator impressions

Hello Mr. Poon. We received the regenerator undamaged last Friday. I was gone over the weekend and have just been able to hook it up. So far I have it connected to my NM24 DAC only. Later I will also hook up the transport. I am very pleased and slightly surprised at what I am hearing so far.

I expected some increase in detail and a quieter background. I did not expect such a noticable improvement. The music sounds more dynamic and alive. Bass is much improved and so is the treble which I usually don't pay that much attention to. I am surprised as I already have a fair amount of power conditioning. I have dedicated power lines for the amps and digital, separate power conditioners, after market power cords. I was very happy with the sound of my system before and wondered how much it could be improved on. I've only listened to a few CD's so far. I'm afraid you have doomed me to revisit alot of my CD collection.

Thank You,
Kim Schroeder


I'm happy to recommend your products including the AC Regen unit. Simply put, the unit seemed to quiet background noise which although not immediately perceptible is perceptible by virtue of its insidious diminution of the purity of tone and timbre. The upper harmonics that ride like filigree on the fundamental tone are that much more clear, pure and present. To those for whom music is a passion, this salient difference, although not night/day, is important and enormously enjoyable. Additionally, I noticed that at the 120Hz frequency, music seemed to be fuller, richer, denser while losing no detail whatsoever. I've always been a sceptic re: the absurd hyperbolic claims crowding out rational thinking and truthful opining in the "high end." But your products defy the usual logic/rules. The AC Regen units are prime examples. I cannot tell you how much I respect your work and your commitment to value.

As ever,

Rob Cherry

Dear Dr. Poon,
Your regenerator arrived, and my initial impression is extremely favorable. After two hours of casual listening, I compared the cd version of several performances with the vinyl riginal.  The difference was very hard or impossible to discern.  This is a remarkable achievement.

Should I leave the device turned on all the time?  Can it be mounted on the equipment rack, or should it be isolated?  Should it be plugged into a separate outlet?

Congratulations to everyone who worked on this project.

Best regards,

(From Rich Weiner, reviewer for Bound for Sound)

There is not much I can say about the Monarchy Audio AC-Regenerator that hasn’t already been said in the Reviews or user comments. I will say that the Regenerator made a dramatic improvement when incorporated into my system. I have read several articles regarding inaudible noise that is in the AC power lines that can affect the overall sound quality. It wasn’t until I hooked up the AC-Regenerator, that I really understood what the writers were referring to. It was like a veil had been removed from the music, the bass was more revealing and the overall sound was clearer, livelier and seemed to have more punch than before.
These were not subtle changes but dramatic changes in the overall sound. I highly recommend this unit.

Some users complained about fan noise at the 400Hz setting, but I did not experience any fan noise at that setting. I have been a BIG fan of Monarchy’s product line and have purchased
the SE-250 amps, M-24 D/A converter, the Upsampler as well as speaker cables and interconnects. If you are looking for High End, superbly built, stereo components, at affordable prices you do not have to look any further than Monarchy Audio for your Hi Fidelity needs.

Thank-you Mr. Poon and the staff at Monarchy for another great product

Frank Giannone

Mr. Poon,

Having purchased your Nm24 and the Dip Upsampler and replacing my Parasound Transport with a Proceed CDD transport, I thought I was in Musical Heaven. Acting on your Recomendation to add the AC-Regenerator to this incredible duo has enhanced an already stunningly transparent presentation of detail,and an already stunningly delineated Soundstage. Both the NM24 and Dip Upsampler are connected to the AC-regenerator which is set at 120 Hz and it takes the efficacy of the NM24 and the Dip Upsampler to another "Level". In my humble opinion, the NM24, the Dip Upsampler ,and the AC-Regenerator represent a Front-End "Tour De Force". The sheer effortlessness of the musical message gives one a heightened sense of more "There There" and more "Real Real".

Anyone who has the NM24 and Dip Upsampler, the additional purchase of the AC-Regenerator is not an option but is "Sine Qua Non' if one wants to experience High-End Musical Reproduction at its "FINEST".

Thank you Mr. Poon.


Hi Chin,

thanks for the very fast shipping, great connectors much appreciated. Have connected the NM24 to the AC regenerator and I must say this has already made a change. For example Piano more believable timbre, great transients and lots of air. Wonderful product.

kind regards

alexander engel

Dear Mr. Poon,

I have received the P100 AC Regenerator today, in perfect condition.

The P100 has really enhanced the overall performance of my system. I have only hooked up my Marantz SA7 CD player with the P100. The sound stage is now wider, vocal is more focused and it revealed a lot more details which previously I have not noticed, the background noise has also further reduced.

Please advise if I could write you a feedback in the Audiogon, with regards to your product and service.



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