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Precision Fidelty C7 Cascode Preamp


Brand: Precision Fidelty (made in the 70's)
Model : C7 Cascode Preamp
Phono amp gain 20dB
Designed by: Bruce Moore (of the FMA,and Audible Illusion fame)
Separate L/R ALPS audiophile grade potential-meter

Extensively refurbished by Monarchy Audio with WIMA caps' Rel Caps, Teflon Silver wiring, all gold plated RCA connectors(instead of the original tin),new electrolytics,and new tubes.

Tube complements: 12AX7 x 4; 12AU7 x2
Hand crafted in California.
Cosmetics: (used, but in clean and neat condition)
Inputs: Phono (magnetic), AUX, TUNER
Tape In/Tape Monitor
Low Filter (from rumble)

All aluminum chassis(non-magnetic)

Price : $650

Only two (2) of these preamps are available!

Precision Fidelty C7 Cascode Preamp

  Precision Fidelity preamp  
  Precision Fidelity  
  Precision Fiedelity  



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