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M50 Double Isolation AC Filter


Manual for M50

Safety Instructions


WARNING: Electrical Hazard that may cause electric
shock or death.

Do not place flammable materials on top of or beneath the
There are NO user-serviceable parts inside the Monarchy Audio M50. Only qualified personnel should perform any services on the M50. Any attempts at opening the component or modifying it in any manner may void the manufactures warranty.


M50 Diagram

Optimizing Audio with the M50

1. Make sure your M50 is plugged into a properly groundedreceptacle.
2. For optimal sound, DO NOT plug the M50 into a surge protector orpower strip.
3. Use the heavy duty power cord provided with the M50 or use acomparable one or better.
4. Make sure that the power cords do not cross each other
5. Make sure that the power cords do not cross or cross the speakercables.
6. Keep the power cords off of the floor if possible.
7. Keep the speaker cables off of the floor if possible.
8. Powering on:

1. Before powering up any components make sure that thevolume levels are turned all of the way down.
2. Begin by turning on the M50
3. Power up components furthest away from the speakers first,and then power up all others going toward the speakers. For
example, power up: CD Player-->Word Clock-->DAC-->Preamp-->Power Amp
4. Once everything has been power up, then allow at least acouple of minutes for the system to “warm-up.” This is usuallya good time to go grab something to drink.

9. Powering off:

1. Power off in the opposite direction of powering on and turn theM50 off last. For example, Power off: Power Amp-->Preamp-->DAC-->Word Clock-->CD Player-->M50

Cleaning and Care of the M50

1. Before cleaning the M50, first disconnect it from its power source.
2. Never clean the M50 while it is in use.
3. To avoid scratching the case you should first blow off or use awool duster to get the dust and large particles off.
4. Clean only with a dry, soft fiber cloth. Micro fiber cloths work well.
5. If there are tough spots, grease, etc., then spray a little bit ofliquid cleaner on the cloth first and then gently wipe the area.
6. Be careful that you do not use too much pressure when cleaningthe logo; doing so may cause imperfections in the finish.
7. Do not use any ammonia based window cleaners to clean the LCDread out(will cause permanent fogging.)


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