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Two Pairs (4 pcs) Dahlquist DQ-10 Speakers with Stands


For Cash and Carry:

Two pairs (4 pcs) Dahlquist DQ-10 speakers with stands commonly regarded as one of the ten best speakers made in USA.

First pair:
* fully upgraded by Monarchy Audio with all film caps and copper ribbon inductors (the sound is much quicker, much smoother and more dynamic)
* renewed front grill and side solid wood trims(sanded and oiled)
* cross-over separated into two independent sections for bi-amping
* woofer surrounds recently renewed
* new Denon Titanium tweeters(original tweeters also included as spare)
* solid wood stands
* stainless steel spikes on speaker's bottom coupled to the stand's top platform.
* the best sounding DQ-10 ever.
* local auditioning welcome

Second Pair:
*all Original cross-over and drivers
*additional crossover with film caps(these are separate additions; buyer can replace the original crossover or use the separate crossovers elsewhere)
* Both standard stands and short legs(like old Quad) supplied
* Cosmetics in fairly good shape(considering age of speaker)
* performs just like the original DQ-10(no modifications whatsoever)
* Speaker Back grills also included(removed for pictures)

Buyers welcome to our sound room in South San Francisco for auditioning .
Cash and Carry $2,000 for BOTH pairs(but not sold separately).

DQ-10 DQ 10 Crossover  
DQ 10 DQ 10  
DQ 1o Original-Unmodifies DQ 10  



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