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Fisher PA301 Power Audio IC

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Fisher PA301 Power Audio KitFeatures

  • 30 Watts x2 on 6 Ohm speakers
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Very inexpensive
  • Very clean sound
  • Bridgeable to mono amp with 100 Watt output
  • Flexible power supply rails(+/- 10V to +/- 30V)
  • Direct coupled output for transparent sound


PA301 Power Audio Integrated CircuitsKit Contains

  • 2-IC's for stereo
  • All components on pcb, including fuse holders,output coils, resistors and capacitors
  • Stereo pcb has silver coating on all traces
  • Instructions for simple assembly.

Fisher PA301 Power Audio ICPrice

  • US$30 for a complete stereo kit
  • plus $6.5 domestic shipping within U.S. or $15 shipping worldwide


Fisher Mounted ChasisBuild It

Please see the below image for the circuit diagram and seehow it can be easily mounted onto a chassis.

If the chassis is metal there is no need for a heatsink.

The transformer can be anywhere from 12 to 18V x 2 4amp(for stereo)

We also supply the transformer and the electrolytic capacitors and bridge rectifiers for
$30 to power a stereo amp.


Fisher Circuit

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Please consult Monarchy Audio for quantity prices as low as $10 per amp

Power supply components also available: email:


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