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Vacuum Tubes

Military Spec 6CW4 Tubes

100 pcs in one factory master carton, $350 for all 100 pcs one lot.
For Sale One Lot.
Contact Monarchy for price.



6CW4 Tubes

Military Spec 6AU6WC Tubes

100 pcs in original factory sealed cartons.
Contact Monarchy for price.

6AUC Tubes

Military Spec 5718 Tubes

Contact Monarchy for price!
Part: JAN 5718, date code 8-81 (JAN stands for Joint Army Navy)
Brand: Sylvania

All absolutely brand new in original factory packing
similar to: EC71, CV3930 . R244.SN-979

6.3V filament may be used as a general purpose triode

Military Spec 5718 Tubes

5718_tube 5718_tube.  


Integrated Circuits

AD1860 and YM3434

AD1860, same as Burr-Brown PCM58, a 18-bit Stair-case style DAC offering very dynamic and transparent sound when properly implemented.

$5 each (min 100 pcs)

Digital filter : Yamaha YM3434  $5 each(min. 100 pcs)

Sample set:
2 pcs AD1860
1pc YM3434 
$20 postage included.

The price AD1860: $5 each, minimum 100 pcs
YM3434: $5 each, minimum 100 pcs

YM343 Data PDF
PCM1851/1860/1861 PDF
PCM58 Data PDF
AD1860 Data PDF
AD1851/1860/1861 PDF
DAC IC's and Bit Count (Must read article) PDF

Subject to prior sale.
Email the factory for further details on each individual DIP.

IC ic ic  

Sample set(2 pcs AD1860 plus 1pc YM3434) $20 postage included.

Product sample using this chip set: Model 18B, limited quantity available at $490 each.

Oyaide AC Connectors

  • Part P-029 Male
  • Part C-029 Female
  • Contact material : brass
  • Made in  Japan
  • Each factory sealed in individual box
  • Approximately 40 pcs of Male and 40 pcs Female available.
  • Sold in one lot at $10 each

Subject to prior sale.
Email the factory for further details on each individual DIP.

AC Receptical
AC Recept
AC Recept


I. TDK Betamax

TDK Betamax

TDK Betamax Tapes
.25 USD each

Raychem Frostex GFI GFI

* UL (Underwriter Lab) Inc listed Ground Fault Equipment Protection
* Separate Test and Reset buttons
* Will handle up to 15 Amps
* Internal relay cuts out both Hot and Neutral connections if fault detected. Standard American IEC pins(two flat, one round)
* All IC, diodes, transistor, capacitor and resistors etc on one pcb.
* Simple Philips screw termination: easy to install AC cord(not supplied)
* A Must for household appliance protection (e.g., if wired to replace the AC plug on a hair dryer, this GFI will cut off AC source if the dryer accidentally drops into water ) or, if water or moisture seeps into the transformer that is exposed to the elements(such as a sprinkler transformer), the AC power will cut out.

Great for AC cord manufacturers whose customers need GFI protection. If water or moisture might get into your AC equipment or appliance, this is the cheapest and easiest way to protect it .

Original price $25 each

Now: $2.50 each, sold in 100-pc carton only.

Each carton weighs about 20 lbs and costs $25 to ship GFI

within United States. Total is therefore $250 + $25= $275

Many cartons available. Same day shipment when paid with Paypal.

PDF of plug


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